To cultivate a garden is to walk with God, to go hand
in hand with nature in some of her most beautiful
processes, to learn something of her choicest secrets,
and to have a more intelligent interest awakened in
the beautiful order of her works...
Christian Nestell Bovee

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Cannot Forget The Petals

Today my daughter and I visited a florist shop. I needed to visit the winter home of some of my flowers.
It was wonderful being surrounded by all that beauty.

I watched the owner make a floral arrangement for a customer. She was snipping away, when horror of  horrors, the flower petals starting falling to the floor! Oh course I gasped and said look at all those rose petals. Well if you know me, I collect rose petals. My daughter immediately starred at me, begging me not to ask the florist for the petals. I couldn't help myself. It came out before I could stop. "What are you going to do with those petals?, I said. The owner said, "Oh just throw them away." My heart sunk, the store was full of people and my daughter was giving me the death stare. It took me a few minutes to make a recovery and I decided to move on. Drat.

Well all in all (except for the rose petals) I had a wonderful time and came home with a basket of fresh plants and roses. I wonder if my daughter bought them to keep me quiet.

Have a wonderful day. Have you ever picked up flower petals off a florist's floor?


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  1. These are lovely Susan. Even though my passion is growing, I am a former florist and love all these beauties and totally appreciate a florist's touch!